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You get a $25 dollar bonus by simply depositing $50 to open your own account, then you’ll have a referral link to go out and make $75 per referral.

Your $50 deposit is immediately available and ready to be used or saved even before getting your new debit card in the mail. And you'll get a $25 bonus just for doing that.

*Make sure the bank account card that you use to deposit the minimum $50 is the same mailing address as the one you create the new account with SoFi.

*Deposit with your existing debit card from your current bank to get credited immediately (don't use Cashapp, Venmo, PayPal etc - use a real bank debit card).

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What types of cards can I use to make my $50 deposit?
Prepaid debit cards such as CashApp, Venmo, or PayPal are not accepted for the $50 deposit; it is recommended to use traditional bank or credit union debit cards for your deposit.

What is the time frame to get my debit card?
Upon completing your account setup, your debit card will be processed and sent to you within 5 to 7 business days, featuring the MasterCard on your new card.

What is the time frame to get my referral bonuses?
Your referral bonus will be credited to your checking account within an hour after the referred member makes their $50 deposit.

Does it cost anything to open a new bank account?
Setting up an account is essentially free, as you maintain access to your initial $50 deposit, which funds your new checking account, and there are no extra fees for initiating the account.

Why are they asking for my date of birth and social security number?
All banks require that information as part of the standard identity verification process. This is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange and is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Why didn't I get approved for a account?
Ensure that the name and address on your sign-up match your driver's license and credit bureau records. Use a residential address, not a commercial or virtual one, and unfreeze your credit.

I did not receive my referral bonus, what happened?
Check with your referral to ensure they clicked your referral link. Verify your referral is a new customer who opened their account with a $50 deposit using the Transfer Instantly option.

How do I see which referral signed up as a customer?
To protect customer privacy, the do not disclose the identity of the referral who signed up. When logging into your account, you will only see that you have received a referral commission.

Does a referral have to open a account with $50?
Yes, for same-day pay, the referral needs to deposit a minimum of $50 using Instant Transfer. There is a $10 bank transfer option, but it can take up to 10 days to receive commissions.

Is this referral program available globally?
Presently, this referral program is accessible solely in the United States and Hong Kong. There's no specific schedule for extending the program internationally.

Is this multilevel marketing or network marketing?
No, this is not a network marketing program. There are no uplines or downlines or required sales volume. Many companies use referral marketing to build their customer base.

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